The History of All Saints Church Burnley


The Church was completed in 1849, it owes its existence to the Noble Shuttleworth family of Gawthorpe Hall and the Dugdale family. The Dugdales were the wealthy owners of Lowerhouse Mills. It was built on land donated by Sir James Kay Shuttleworth. The Churchyard has a gate leading to the beautiful woodlands surrounding Gawthourp Hall. Despite this rather well to do patronage the Church's first Vicar Mr Verity, was a great supporter of the development of trade unionism and had a real commitment to the poor. Since then there has been worshipping community serving this part of Burnley, we would be thrilled if you would like to come along and become part of this great church's history...

When St John the baptist Church Gannow was closed in 1980 and the parish amalgamated with All saints many off the artefacts were given to All Saints, one of which the statue of St John the Baptist now stands within All Saints church

Rev Charles Hill


Worthy of note is the East window(previously plain) glass desisgned by the Oldham artist Brian Clark, depicting the "Creation" and is seen in all its glory, with the morning sunlight streaming through and reflecting on the south wall of the chancel.