Baptism Service

What is a Baptism?


Baptism is a Christian Right of passage. It is the way to become a member of the Church. The practice of baptism pre-dates even Jesus ministry and has been a central part of Church Life since its very beginning. It involves a religious service where water is sprinkled on the candidates head. Baptism is a wonderful expression of God's love for all his children and we would be delighted to help you should you wish to come to us for a baptism.

Who can be baptised here?

Anyone living within the parish or regularly attends worship at his church maybe baptised here. Those seeking baptism who live outside the parish and do not regularly worship here, would need to seek the permission from their local parish priest in order to come to us.

Who is eligible to be a Godparent?


This is an important choice, the role of Godparent is a responsible one.They are making explicitly religious promises on behalf of the child. Godparents promise to help to guide the child in their spiritual and moral life. Godparents need to be baptised as they are helping, to support the child in becoming a member of the church, they need to be members themselves. Many churches recognise each other's common baptism. So being a member of a different church denomination does not necessarily presents a barrier to being a Godparent. Also if you have someone who is not a of Christian faith but who is in a supportive role and is important, to your family it is possible to adapt the service to acknowledge this. This should be decussed with the vicar.

When are baptisms available?


We are a very popular church for baptisms and spaces do get booked up early so do not leave it to the last minute, if you have a particular date in mind. Often two baptisms take place at the same time because we are so popular. Due to the churches calendar advent (the four Sundays before Christmas) and lent (from Ash Wednesday until Easter) are solemn times. No baptisms can be offered except in exceptional circumstances during this period. If, however, there is some compelling reason for haste please do get in touch and we will try our best to accommodate you.

The Service...


We have a family friendly and welcoming atmosphere and try to make worship enjoyable and welcoming. There are toys available and a play area to the rear of the church, for those bringing children. Baptism services take place in the parish church on Sundays at 12:30pm after the main Sunday service.


The Next Step...

To book a baptism simply contact the Vicar. He will help you find a suitable date. He will make arrangements to meet with you. We normally have a rehearsal the week before, the Baptism and it is nice if the Godparents can come along, as they will then have some idea, of what to expect during the service.

There is no fee chargeable for Baptisms. However, we are pleased to receive donations at the Baptism. You will be given a Gift Aid envelope so that if you are a UK tax payer and wish wish to make a donation, we can claim a portion of the tax back. Please put such donations in the envelope after first completing and signing the declaration on the front.

We warmly invite you to join us for worship. On a Sunday morning we have an 8am Holy Communion service at All Saints on Padiham Rd. At 9am at Welfield School on Pendal Way we have a family friendly service, with a large Sunday School. At 10:30am at All Saints we have a holy communion service with a family friendly atmosphere and a Sunday school provided. Alternatively we hold a Midweek Communion services on Wednesday at 7pm, or Thursday at 10am. Our Parent and Toddler group would also be pleased to welcome you on Wednesday mornings at 10:00am-11:30am.

For More Information On Baptisms; Funerals and Weddings Please Contact Fr. Charlie Hill on 01282774654, Or Click One Of The Links Below.